Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Rid Of Debts


It has been six months since overtime was cut off at my job. We used to have unlimited overtime hours but because of the recession, they cut it off. Although it sure hurts a lot in our pockets but it is what it is. We, as workers have to find means to fill the gap created by the slow in business. I think of getting a part time if my schedule permits.

I have a mortgage, bills and a car note to pay. I am wondering if I have to apply for a credit counseling, just to see how many options I have to lower my bills without hurting my credit. If I go for debt consolidation, I do not know any company that is trusted to do this job. Debt consolidation is one better option to avoid a financial downfall in the future.

So far I was still able to make both ends meet. A huge tightening of the budget is needed. You just have to give up a lot of the luxuries to avoid overspending and still have something left at the end of the day. Every dollar counts these days.


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