Friday, January 7, 2011

I Found A Wallet In The Garbage


Here is the whole story. I went to the bank to deposit money at the ATM for the checks I issued to pay my Chase credit cards. There was a line at the machine because the bank was already closed that time. Since it was freezing, I went back to the car and wait for everybody to leave before I do my deposit. The payment for the chase and citi credit cards are not due until Monday anyway, so there is no need to rush. Now, when it was my turn to make a deposit and this time I was left by myself, I saw a man’s branded wallet in the garbage right next to the ATM machine. I did not do anything, I finished my transaction but my mind was still in that wallet!!! Maybe, somebody threw it there? Or, it was left there on purpose, like finder’s keeper??? Or, it just fell without the knowledge of the owner? In my mind, I know cameras are all over when you are in the bank and there is even one right at the ATM machine in front of me. I do not want to be caught on camera picking up somebody else’s wallet although I know my intentions are good. Then, what if somebody really lost a wallet - a wallet full of credit cards, driver‘s license, insurance cards, etc? The more I would be scared if there was a lot of cash inside. I don’t think so because it doesn’t look bulky. All these questions were in my thoughts but I did not dare pick up that wallet, then when I looked at the ceiling, there is one camera right on top of the garbage can!!! I said, that’s it, I am leaving now!!!!

I told my husband the story as soon as I got home. He was laughing at me. I just hoping the wallet was really intended to be thrown away.


Mayet Saturday, January 08, 2011

aie! you should have look what's inside;)

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