Sunday, May 15, 2011

They Cannot Play Indoor For Now


My husband has been teaching tennis in this racquet club for years. It is an indoor tennis and it is in demand during the winter time. When the weather started to get warm, the owner sent out flyers to members and employees that they will do a tennis court resurfacing during the summer time. I have not been inside the racquet club but my husband says that it really needs a tennis court resurfacing badly. The tennis club has been sold and this is now under new management. Hubby is not sure if they will do basketball court resurfacing too after the tennis courts are done.

It is not really a big problem that they are doing some improvement inside the racquet club now that it is summer time. They have also outdoor courts that they can play while it is being done but the outdoor playing is not happening as well most of this week because we will have rain until Friday. Right now it is already pouring hard outside. They have already canceled hubby's schedule for today. The resurfacing will not take long anyway, i think it will be ready by next week and everything will be back to normal.


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