Friday, May 6, 2011

She Got A Car


I am talking about the step daughter. She just got a car courtesy of her dad. No, dad is not paying but dad co-signed for her car loan. She tried applying a car loan on her own but she cannot get approved because she does not have any credit yet. I told her it is better not to have any credit history yet than having to repair your bad credit. She told me that she knows companies like the credit people that extends credit repair service to individuals with huge debts and not able to cope up with payments anymore. How to manage your debt and paying them off on time is the advise given to her before she was able to get her dad's go signal in getting a car for her. She promised that she will work hard to pay for that car. I know she can do it.

So what is the car she got? Of course, it must be a car that is very efficient with gas. Her first choice was an SUV but when she saw the gas mileage she settled for a small car. It's a wise decision now that gas is almost $4 per gallon. Her father suggested to get a smaller car since he does not want her to be asking for gas money in the future. She laughed. So now, she is one happy teen driver.


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