Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Printer


I know it was just a few days ago when I was talking about my own personal printer at the office. When I got to work this morning, I saw a huge machine next to the receptionist desk. When I asked my co-workers about it, they said it’s a new copy machine for everybody. It’s not an ordinary copy machine but it can also staple copies and send the copies made to an email. It can make both black and color copies. I wonder if Superfineprinting uses this type of machine too?

It is about time that we get this kind of machine. With the load of brochure printing we do every month, the personal printers cannot handle the job anymore. This will become a central copy machine for the whole office. Everybody can send their jobs remotely and this machine will print it. I will still be using my personal printer for memos and letters that are not meant to be read or seen by everybody like correspondence or letters that are personal and confidential for my boss.

When will be this up and running? I do not know yet. They are looking for a good spot in the office where there is a phone line for the email to work. I tried reading the manual but it is too many to learn. Maybe a quicker way to educate us on how to operate this machine is by product demo from the dealer. My foremost concern for now is how to make copies but the complicated ones I leave it to our receptionist to learn. I just heard somebody saying it looks like an alien. That is too funny.


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