Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome Summer


It was the first summer like weekend last Memorial Day. It was also my first time to be spending my day outdoor since the allergy season has started. The sneezing, teary eyes and runny nose are gone. Thank you for all that rain last week that washed all the pollen. I tried and tested a lot of over the counter drugs before I found one that is non drowsy for my allergies. My friend suggested to check some Canada drugs but I have not experienced on how is buying medicine overseas so I settled to what I got. To buy non prescription drugs is easy unlike if you have to buy lipitor for your cholesterol, a prescription from a doctor is needed.

When we were at the lake last weekend, the day started as cloudy and people were kind of scared to go in the water but the sun did not disappoint the swimmers at all. It became steamy hot late in the day giving us a good tan. It was indeed a welcome treat for the summer.


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