Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lost Package?


One of my customers from my online store sent me a message today complaining that he did not receive the package I sent him. He said that the package is not in one of the residential mailboxes in their apartments. And he added that the mailboxes have their own address plaques that is very visible and can never be missed. He sounded like it was my fault why he did not get the package and that I have to send him a replacement or refund his money.

Before I give answers to queries like this, first thing I check is the tracking of the shipment. When I entered the tracking number at the shipper’s website, it showed that it has been delivered two days ago. Once I have this information, I am now confident to answer him back. Actually, I did not say anything to him anymore but I just emailed him the tracking information I got from the shipper. I am still waiting for his reply up to now. Hope he found it eventually or he gets it eventually from somebody who might have found the package. I am so thankful I paid extra to track the package otherwise I am in trouble right now.


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