Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Changing Careers


There is this one guy in our warehouse that has not been skipping work but recently he takes off a day or two for personal reasons. One day he came late to work and everybody was surprised that he was not wearing his casual working clothes but rather in a dress shirt and pants. When you ask him is he is job hunting, he will just smile back at you.

Now the mystery is solved. He just tendered his two week notice to the HR department. When asked and he did not mind at all, he said he is joining a payday affiliate program like the one being offered by Blue Global Media. He will start as a publisher in one of the top affiliate networks promoting different offers from advertisers. Have you heard how affiliate marketing works?

If you are interested in joining a network of affiliates, Blue Global Media welcomes application for publishers at They offer high commissions and weekly payout and dedicated affiliate support to their team. Join them now and work on those leads right away.


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