Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Friend Just Bought A House


One of our family friend recently made a closing on a house here in our town. When they first moved in four years ago, they lived in an apartment until they decided to buy a house. They have been doing house hunting for months; finding a home that would fit their budget. Home prices are not only high here in our area but we also pay one of the highest homeowner's tax in the U.S. So finally, they were able to get a house they liked.

The got a cheaper house that needs some tlc and kitchen remodeling. A design build contractor is needed in the future if they want to make an additional bedroom upstairs. It is a two family house with only one bedroom upstairs that can generate more income if it is converted to a two bedroom. This is why they got a two family. On the first floor, there is nothing to be done except for the kitchen.

So now my friend is a very proud homeowner. A house blessing is happening maybe this summer. For now, they have to do a lot of clean up and painting before moving in by the end of the month. I am happy that they still live in town and only a few blocks away from where we live.


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