Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Night With Family and Friends


I have mentioned few weeks ago that my friend bought a house here in our town. They have been doing a lot of tlc’s on the house that we never got the chance to meet up for dinner. So, during the Pacquiao fight they finally gave us a call. We watched the boxing match at their house. It was the first time we saw their new house after they bought it.

Our first impression when we got into the house is they did a very good job in fixing the kitchen. On the kitchen counter, they did a granite restoration and a marble restoration on the island. With matching new aluminum appliances, their kitchen looks brand new and updated. My friend says that they still have to do a stone floor restoration on the garage but that could wait for next year. They cannot afford another expense at the moment.

So as they always say, when there is a Pacquiao fight, it brings Filipino family in the U.S. together. That was what happened last May 7th. Although the fight was not the action that we were expecting, we still enjoyed the night seeing old family and friends together again. See you guys on the next Pacquiao match.


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