Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Prom Season Again


I have a date with my girlfriend tomorrow night after work. It’s not a girls’ night out . I am going to their house to help her with her daughter’s prom dress. How time flies really. All of a sudden it is the season for proms again. It seems that it was only few months back when I was shopping for cheap prom dresses for the step daughter. If it's my daughter’s turn to go to a prom I doubt if I could still find some cheap prom dresses, maybe I can just remodel my old junior bridesmaid dresses for her. I can hear her protesting right now!

So with my girl friend’s daughter, she wants a dress, not a gown. She is going with her boyfriend who is also Filipino. I am not sure if she will be allowed to go to the party after the prom. I heard it will be in one of the hotels in new York city. This is her first grown event with no chaperone and they will be in a limo with three of her friends. Mom is excited and also nervous. I am too.


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