Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gold Cash


The price of gold went down a little bit today to less than $1,500 per ounce due to a stronger dollar. I always monitor the gold prices by reading the New York business news since the school is coming up with a fund raiser called “cash for gold.” I volunteered for this Saturday. It is not only “cash for gold” but there are other stuffs that are on sale such as clothing and food. Most of these items are donated by parents and students to raise funds for school projects. Whoever thought of the cash for gold is a bright idea not only because the gold price is getting higher but also a good income for the school. They get a certain percentage out of the sales for that day.

I tried to get involved now with my daughter’s school activity. Sometimes I cannot come to the meeting because of my work schedule so I tried to make up by volunteering. The more years that my daughter spends in this school, the more I get attached to it. It is fun to get involved. It brings back my elementary days sometimes.


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