Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Too Much For Gas Money


I have read on the news that gas prices have gone done a little bit but I do not see any change every time I fill up my car. I drive a V6 engine car and I spend around $40 every week for my gas to work. It used to be around $25 per week. A co-worker who lives at the border of Pennsylvania and new jersey pays twice as much every week. She drives the Ford Mustang, a replacement of her 10 year old car she bought at from a very reliable used car dealer in Tampa that can be found in That was the first car she bought after she graduated from college in Florida then she moved here at the East Coast two years go. Even if she bought that car as a used car she was still able to get a high trade in value.

My plan to get a car is put on hold for now. I have other priorities like my school to take care of. I can wait another year or two before buying my dream car. Do not ask me which car yet. I have three in my mind. I have to pick which among the three. As soon as I have it in my driveway, I will take a photo and share it with you guys.


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