Thursday, May 26, 2011

Break In At The School


During the family day at my daughter’s school, it was a happy atmosphere around the school area. It was a well attended affair with booths selling food, home decors, doing face painting and there was a lot of activities for the kids. The kids had so much fun. The drizzle did not scare them away; the fun just continued until it was closing time. So we it was really a wonderful weekend for the school.

Come Monday morning, it was a totally different scenario at the school. There were police cars all over and cops inside the school. A mom who was also bringing her child to school told me that the school had a break in over the weekend. Laptops and money were taken! How and when did it happen? No one knows yet but the school was open during the weekend so that people can use the rest room inside the gymnasium during the fun day Saturday. When I got home, I called my friend right away to get in touch with the home security Starkville. She was still undecided whether to sign up at for their home security but you can never be lax on safety. It is always better be safe than sorry. How could these people steal from of all places – the school! The cops even called my babysitter because she lives next to the school if she saw anything unusual last weekend but she was not able to give them any answers since she was at work that time. Hope they get all the leads and eventually catch the perpetrators soon.


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