Thursday, December 2, 2010

Internet Shopping And A Virus


Our IT person was in our office today to fix two computers that got infected by viruses. She could not get rid of the virus remotely so she has to be physically in the office to do it. We all got scared because she might take our internet access totally. Almost every week we get hit by a virus from websites that we visited and being a company computer we are not actually allowed to do our shopping online. Tell me, who does not do their online shopping at work? Thank God, our IT person was not in a bad mood today so we did not get punished. She is also woman, I bet she does what we do at work too.

The person next to me is the no. 1 guilty of online shopping and social networking. She loves shopping for shoes. Her favorites are sneakers and boots. Just like today, ups delivered the Burberry leather twisted band sandal she bought from zappos. I know she wants to wear it to the party she is going Friday night. I wish I have all the extra money to shop for these shoes like hers. They are not cheap even though with all the discounts and coupons. Hope Santa will be
nice to me this Christmas.

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