Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Saw on TV San Diego Is Flooded


If you have not seen the news on TV yet, San Diego, Laguna Hills and some parts of Orange County in California are all under water. It has been raining for days bringing flood, destroying roads and bridges. People are leaving homes to higher grounds to save their lives. I saw one hotel in San Diego that is flooded and guests have to be rescued by fire fighters, others are on top of large commercial planters to avoid being wet. Oh, me too, I can climb the tallest outdoor commercial planters to avoid being carried away by strong current. A lot of these commercial planters from other buildings are beyond repair and destroyed by the flood. There is another friend of mine who lives in Alaska vacationing in California for the holidays. She is in CA to escape the below freezing temperature in the North Pole but never got to see the sun yet since
she arrived. Yesterday, she was supposed to go to Knots Berry farm but had to go
back home because it was pouring.

Rain, rain go away please!

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Con Artist Trickster Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Rain, rain, go away"...I've heard that in an evergreen song. (Right?) But your story here is sadder than the story in that song.

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