Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Plants


The weather is getting colder every day. The wind chill is 10 degrees below temperature. Gone are the days of 50’s and 60’s with some sun. I looked at my plants from my window and all the leaves are gone. I just removed the flower boxes hanging on our porch to protect them from the freezing morning. The plants by our big window will suffer from this weather because the window boxes for plants are installed permanently to protect them from accidentally falling on the road. I cannot take them inside the house. These plants just have to be totally replaced come spring time.

Maybe this coming spring, I can ask hubby to make more window boxes for flowers. I want them installed by the living room and kitchen windows but not those permanently attached so that I can take them inside the garage when it gets cold. Although it would still be a little bit cold inside the garage but at least they are not directly exposed to the snow. I love flowers. I wish I can
have a green house outside with controlled temperature to save my plants during winter time.

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