Sunday, December 26, 2010

One Day Late To A White Christmas


I thought we are going to have a white Christmas. The snow missed it for a day. This is the first snow of the season. Winter officially started last Dec. 21st only although we already had several below freezing days. I do not know if people just got excited of the snow or really in the panicked mode because when I went to the supermarket today, it was super packed with lines at the cashier was so long. I turned around without buying the magnet signs that my daughter had wanted for her friend. That could wait i said. I was only at the store for a few minutes but when I went out to check where my husband parked the car, I could not see the cars' license plates anymore. We were already in a blizzard condition with almost zero visibility. Even with your headlights on, you can hardly see who is in front of you. I was wrong when i thought the people were just over reacting. My bad!

The snow ends by tomorrow noon leaving around 10 to 18 inches. I am not sure if I have work. It depends on the situation when we wake up tomorrow morning. I drive 15 miles to my job but I do not like to take chances. Hope it will not be that bad. I pity those who have to be on the road but please just stay home to be safe.


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