Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My House Project


Our niece that used to occupy one bedroom in our house left for Philippines the day after thanksgiving. My daughter is a bit sad because it’s back to only the three of us in the house again. I don’t know how you call it but every time somebody leaves (I have done this when the two step daughters moved out – one to college and the other one got married), I want a revamp of the room where they used to occupy. This time, I want my daughter to use the bigger room, the room the niece used to occupy so that I can make her old bedroom an office or computer room. I know it is a lot of work but I am so determined to do it. First, I have to get rid of all those vhs videos stored under her bed. I need a video converter for this. It has to be a video converter for Mac. I haven’t seen any at the local electronics store but probably I can but it online or on eBay. If there is an iPad Video Converter available, I‘ll buy it too and maybe I can get free shipping for both. I don’t want to toss any of these videos because they have so much of our yesteryears, those days when my daughter was still a baby. Those are beautiful memories that you just want to keep.

Hope I would be able to finish my project before her birthday on the 18th. Once I have converted all the videos, we can watch them during her party. Let us see how my daughter reacts seeing herself as a baby on video.

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