Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lost In Transit


My husband got hooked up on eBay. I have been buying on ebay and online for how many years until I tried selling some stuffs myself. I love shopping for cheap clothes anyway so might as well try if I can make money out of it. While I was doing this, my husband was just on the side not paying so much attention to what I am doing. One day, he got curious and started searching for tennis shoes. He ended buying it actually then one thing led to several purchases online.
Everything was fine until he complained that he never got some of the packages. Most of them were sent via the post office so how could the mail carrier miss our house. As we made more investigation, we found out that our address sign outside the house is gone. Who would steal address signs? We suspected then that it was maybe because when the big tree fell outside, the address plaque that is hanging by our gate got damaged and to top it all, we got a new mail carrier assigned on our street so he is not familiar with the residents yet. My husband calls it a
double jeopardy.

It is not that bad after all. My husband is still getting the packages soon. They are all scheduled for redelivery and we fixed the address sign outside.

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