Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Neighbor


Now that it is winter time, I would surely miss my neighbor who always helped us in plowing the snow. If it snows all night, the first lawn mower you hear as soon as you wake up in the morning is my neighbor’s. Both the husband and wife have relocated To Florida where it is warm and sunny all year round. They have also put their Dallas Homes for Sale then bought a small condominium down south. I even checked the Dallas Homes For sale listing and sure enough I found their lovely 3 bedroom ranch in the market. I just hope that Dallas Real estate is not affected by the slump in home pricing.

We are having a bone chilling weather today that would last until Thursday. Winter is not officially here until next week but the temperatures have gone down to the teens. We already had our first snow last night but we only woke up to a dusting. I know that the winter snow storm had paralyzed roadways in upstate New York last two weeks ago. We will be expecting our turn any time soon. If we tired of all this snow, I would consider following our neighbor to
the sunshine state.

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