Monday, December 20, 2010

Daughter's Birthday Weekend


The weekend went by so fast. I was actually off Friday to prepare for my daughter’s birthday party Saturday. Also, I have brought some goodies to her class last Friday as a treat for her birthday. After I dropped her off to school, I went to the mall to buy things needed for her party then went to do cleaning. In between my household chores, I have to call some wholesalers confirming my orders for my online store. I was able to meet some sellers of wholesale products when I attended a bazaar so I have been in contact with them through phones and emails. Luckily, they carry wholesale products I need for my store. I’m running low with my inventory so I need to refill my supplies for my buyers.

So, as I was saying, Friday was cleaning day then Saturday we had a small party for my daughter. I did not do any cooking for lack of time. I thought we will be more relaxed by not cooking but because of the Christmas holiday, the traffic was so bad that we got late in picking up the food. Some of our visitors were already arriving when we got home from the catering. They are all family and friends so there was really no problem. It turned out to be a nice party; kids had fun especially during the opening of gifts. My daughter was the only female among her cousins and nephews (yes, she’s already an aunt!) so every time the boys see Barbie gifts they throw them in the air.

My baby is not a baby anymore. I now have a 7 year old first grader. How time flies!


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