Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Year


Yehey, two more days to go and it’s another long weekend. Thanks for the snow for making the work week shorter. We were already assured today that we get paid for the Monday that we did not come to work because of the snow. Eight people made it to work. I did not even try. I know it was so risky to be on the road in a blizzard.

So, we bid 2010 goodbye in two days. Do you have any new year’s resolution? I know it is old school but new year for me is the time to be thankful and reflect on what you have and what do you think you need to improve. I have never
promised anything on a new year but this 2010 I have been doing a credit repair by paying off outstanding credit card balances. I regularly run my credit report to check my score. I don’t think I need the help of professional credit repair services but I just want my credit score to be a bit higher. Just in case I make a major purchase this coming year, I can easily apply for a loan with no problems.

As we celebrate the holidays, we have been to parties and dinners forgetting our diet. So what do we do to make ourselves feel better? We make a new year’s resolution - to lose weight. This is the most common one and also most
unfulfilled, I guess. I am one guilty person. So this year, I am not making any but I will try to make 2011 a better and more fruitful year. Happy New Year!

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