Friday, December 31, 2010

Last minute holiday party


Guest post written by Claudia Noon

Last Thursday I decided that I was going to throw a holiday part at my apartments and invited all of my friends. So my roommates and I kind of threw it together in just two days, but I think that made it even more fun because we didn't have to stress out about everyone coming and what to fix for weeks like we would have if we had planned the party at a reasonable amount of time.

Even though I asked people to bring a drink or refreshment with them, I decided that we should definitely make some just in case. So i went online to find some easy recipes that I could fix that would be party friendly. When I was online searching for that stuff, I came across the website and after I looked through most of it, I showed it to my roommates and we signed up for an internet packages we found on there.

One recipe that we made that was such a success that everyone ate it before the part was over was a smoky cheese ball. I had had some of one once at a party and thought it was great so I knew that my friends would like it too.


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