Monday, December 6, 2010

For School


I am going through my daughter’s tests and exercises from her English, Science and Social Studies. She normally leaves them inside her locker at school but I requested that she brings them home for the weekend. The school lockers are safe for her books and school supplies to keep but during Fridays I want her to take them home for study. At least now, she has mastered how to do the combination locks for both her school and gym lockers. We made the same code for both that is easy for her to remember.

What I do with all her school tests and exercises is make copies then I use them as her reviewer for her exams. I made a folder for every grading period and file her papers according to dates. I have to be organized and be on top of everything. It makes my life easier when she needs to study a particular subject or chapter.

I have been showing to my daughter how to be organized with her things. I am happy that when there was an open house in school, I got to see her desk and it was neat and clean. I told myself, that is a good sign.


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