Thursday, March 31, 2011

Smc Corp


There has been some change of plans regarding our vacation to the Philippines because of my school. I think it will work out better this way so that I can have time to earn some extra income for travel expense as I wait for another year. There is really a need to replenish since I have used some of my money for school.

I am looking at this specialty merchandise corporation, a company that will help you start a small business where you are able to purchase products at a low price and resell them for profit. I think I am good at reselling but when you talk about selling products to others, you need money up front to be able to buy the products you will sell. Who do you think is generous enough to give me the money? Although, smc is saying that all you need to start is just an smc membership, I want to learn more about its ins and outs and check smc corp bbb rating. Hope I find good reviews and feedback that would be helpful to my plans.


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