Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Few More Days


I stopped complaining about the weather anymore. It is not because I decided to like winter and snow but it’s getting warmer these days. I can smell the spring air and on the 13th we are changing to daylight savings time already! I cannot believe when my co-worker told me that it’s time to change our clocks in two weeks, then spring starts on the 20th. Yehey!

I will start putting away our winter clothes by weekend. It is time to take out from the closet my best body shaper clothes so that I can get on the tracks again and do my running. This reminds me to buy a new bra and cami with cleavage cover. I have one that I bought last summer but I think it shrunk a little bit when I left it at the drier machine for too long. This kind of bra and cami are best worn with your tank tops during warm season.

This is the winter where we got the most snow storms. I am so glad that it is almost over now and I would like to welcome spring as early as now!


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