Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Friday


I am thankful that this Friday is going to be a light day in terms of work. Although I have to stop by my job to finish my order for more Whitehall products besides the Whitehall mailboxes I already ordered, other than that I am done with my work this week. My boss specifically ordered for wall mounts to be attached right at the front door so that it would be easier to grab the mails even if it is snowing. So that is basically it for my Friday at work.

From work, I will to go my school to pick up the book I ordered at the bookstore. It has been pre-ordered and paid so I hope it will be ready by the time I get there. How I wish they could just put your pre ordered book in one of the mailboxes for easy pick up. I know that is not happening so I am just hoping that I get a parking close to the bookstore. From my school, I will go to my daughter’s school to pick her up. She thinks I cannot go because I have a class. She will be surprised to see me later.


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