Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shopping For Rain Boots


Since it has been raining for the past weeks, I figured it is about time to buy a rain boots. I know too that April is a rainy month, wearing rain boots will definitely be both a necessity and a fashion. Mind you, it took me three weeks to finally decide which boots I really wanted. At a certain point, I have three boxes of rain boots and a stuart weitzman shoes in my car but I ended up returning them all and got a different one. All the shoes are knee boots and wearing a high boots is not really comfortable for a petite person like me. I am fine with soft leather tall boots but not with plastic rain boots.

I finally found a boots that I really liked. I was reading a women’s shoe blog and she was talking about how comfortable hunter boots are. When I look at the website, hunter has tall and mid calf boots. Immediately I went to the mall to try but they do not have my size. I ordered it online when I got home and it is expected to arrive by Thursday. This is good because I heard it is going to snow/rain this Saturday. What!


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