Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Nephew


Does anybody know how much to transport a car from Salt Lake City to NY? I have a nephew who lives in Utah and is moving to upstate New York for schooling. He got accepted in one of the colleges there. He definitely needs a car when he moves upstate so he is asking me as early as now if which one is better, to just sell his used Nissan and buy another used car or bring the car to NY. To drive all the way from Utah is not advisable taking into account the condition of the car. Because he is going to school, spending money to buy a car is not an option and he would not probably be able to sell that to any used car dealer in Utah for a good price anymore. If he is moving to the city itself, having a car is not practical at all but it is different if you live upstate.

Summer school is not going to start until May or June, so my nephew still has time to think about different options before he leaves his hometown. I have not seen him for years. I am happy he will be closer to me and be seeing more often when he school starts.


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