Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away


The town where I work is under flood warning starting tonight. Because of too much rain over the weekend, the river started to crest since yesterday. To make the situation worst, more rain is expected to fall from tonight up to tomorrow evening. This is actually a repeat of what happened last year. I remembered getting stuck in traffic trying to get out of the flooded area. It was also the same time when we were busy preparing for our yearly trade show. The hotel that my company rented for the trade show is right by the river so there is a possibility that it will get flooded again. I hope that the hotel’s blomus stainless steel mailboxes have been relocated to a safer area because they have been badly damaged by the flood last year. The stainless steel mailboxes were ok but the structure holding them gave way. I also recalled that there was also another trade show about stainless steel fireplace accessories ongoing that time at the hotel that got canceled because of the flood.

If you pass by the river right now, there are emergency trucks on standby and evacuations are on the way. Residents are asked to leave as early as now before the water gets higher and it will be difficult for the authorities to move them. We will play by ear tomorrow if the roads are passable. I am hoping that the rain won’t be that bad.


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