Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What A Relief


At last, I am done with the first two weeks of my class. It was quite an adjustment for me who has been out of school for about a decade now. The school load was a bit overwhelming at first but I was able to do it. The first two weeks involve the first 6 chapters in our textbook; full of readings, assignments and quizzes. We were already warned by our professor on the first day that the first 6 chapters needs a lot of attention but once done, they rest of the chapters would be a breeze. He was right and he left us a note yesterday that when we are done with our work to give ourselves a tap on the shoulders for a job well done. And, I just did that to myself.

Today, we are about to begin a very interesting subject to me. It is about hypertension and high blood pressure causes. This is something I can relate based on personal experiences with relatives and friends. None of my family members has high blood pressure problems but to be more aware on its causes and how to prevent it would be very helpful. I know there are more interesting topics as we go along with the subject.


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