Thursday, March 10, 2011

Car and Gas


Every day when I go to work, I pass around four gas stations. Since the gas prices have been increasing so bad these past days, I always pay attention on the prices these gas stations post. In, short I am doing my own survey before I fill my tank. So today was the day I have to get gas. It was $3.49 per gallon, up by 10 cents from few days ago. I have the van today so it cost me $70 dollars to fill up!!! What happens come summer time then? If I could only trade this van for a new Honda accord or any used Honda for the summer, I would gladly do it. This was our first choice when we walked into the Honda dealer when gas was around $2.25 per gallon but it becomes impractical to be driving this vehicle for 30 miles every day to work.

We are already used to higher gas prices during the summer time but I hope it will not be $5.00 per gallon as rumored. Once this happens, all vacation plans will be cancelled or we will just stay local and stay within the budget.


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