Friday, March 25, 2011

My Spaghetti


During lunch break, I saw my co-worker warming up in the microwave some spaghetti with meatballs. It looked so good that when I went back to my desk, I found myself looking for a spaghetti recipe online. I want the Italian style spaghetti, not our own sweet spaghetti. I know I have a pack of sausage in my freezer that I can use but I need to buy some basil and dried parsley leaves. I remember I just cleaned my wall spice rack so I know what is missing there. I had plans of another spice rack but hubby objected to it and suggested that we just get a bigger one instead of having two kitchen spice racks. He was right, why put two spice racks when a bigger one can fit to save space? So, as I was saying about my spaghetti, I bought the spices I needed then cook it last night. Now, I have sausage spaghetti for lunch. I made a lot of sauce which I think I can use it for lasagna this weekend.

I put the spaghetti sauce in several containers to be kept in the freezer. I will just thaw each container as needed. This saves me from not cooking several dinners when I get home from work.


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