Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hubby Got It


So my husband was a happy camper of the day. The day has come for his iphone upgrade. He was not playing because right after work, we went to the apple store to purchase his iphone 4. My husband is not a techy guy but he is an avid iphone user since day 1. I cannot blame him because the iphone is really awesome.

The apple guy helped him transfer all his apps and datas from the old phone to the new one. The guy does not really know how much time and energy he saved me by doing it. As i was looking at the new phone, my husband has apps for online trading and now the new mobile trading of stocks. When i asked him if he ever tried the mobile trading? He said, he will with his new phone. I have no idea about stock trading so i leave this all to him.

When we left the store, hubby was not the only one happy but me too. No, i did not get a new iphone too but i got hubby's old one. I have a very nice smartphone but i decided to switch because my phone's battery goes fast. I am fine with the 3Gs for now, i'll just wait for the iphone 5 to arrive.


Tita Beng Monday, April 04, 2011

Good for your hubby, he's got an iphone 4. And good decision for you to settle with his old one. I wiah to have one too but i think it's too techy for me.

Have a wonderful new week ahead!

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