Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Tennis Weather


Finally we got a decent weather yesterday. I tell you, it has been spring for weeks but it was still cold. Yesterday was the first day that we had an 80 degree day.

It was a perfect day to play tennis. Hubby called me while I was still at work that he has a game at 4:30 p.m. and he will just bring Isabella with him. A game is like a 3 hr game and my daughter will not mind that at all. There is a playground right next to the tennis court where she can play. I just gave them instructions to bring my laptop to the park, put it inside my black messenger bag and I will meet them there. I have to specify which color bag I want since I have too many messenger bags but only the black one has enough protection for my laptop.

How I wish I could have played tennis yesterday but I was just a spectator. Not even, because I was studying at one of the benches the whole time they were playing tennis. I have a big homework for school that has to be done right away. I missed playing tennis but that can wait this weekend and during my spring break.


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