Friday, April 22, 2011

A New Car For The New Hire


When a person gets hired, it means one person out of the unemployment rate. This is a sign of progress while a lot of companies are laying off workers due to recession. Two lucky people were hired here at my job today, one as an area manager and the other one as a warehouse man. When you get hired as an area manager, you also get a company car plus gas. Just in time when gas is almost at $4/gallon.

My boss prefers to get the company car from the Jeep Chrysler Dodge dealer or visit which to him is a great place to buy a car. He maybe looking for a car that is efficient with gas and a reliable one for travel around the new manager’s area. The area manager will be overseeing three branches so his job involves a lot of travelling every week. A dodge charger has been a favorite for the past two years but I am not sure about this time. They are now checking if there are reviews written on the dealer’s blog that can help them decide which among the brand new models meet their needs with total efficiency. My personal choice is the Nitro but I do not think my boss would like that for his sales people.


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