Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break


My online class is ending next week. My professor already posted our last batch of assignment, case studies and quizzes online to be submitted on the last day of the class on or before 11:59 pm. After this class, we are going to have our spring break for about two weeks but while on break I have to do my readings on medical management course in preparation for my next class this summer. As my professor is always saying, you do not stop learning. Just like him, he will also enroll into medical teaching course and teach the teacher course starting this summer.

So what are my plans for my spring break from school? I cannot take off from work for the whole week but I will think of something to do with my daughter. It is also her spring break and I am hoping that hubby can takes a few days from work so that he can join us. I just hope the whether will cooperate during this week so that we can go down the shore even for a day or two but we will be back for Easter.


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