Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thanks To My Fast Internet Service


I just uploaded more than 300 photos on my online album. I have been doing this regularly now before my computer breaks down again (I hope not!). I’ve already learned my lesson of losing thousands of pictures when my computer broke and it happened again when my last laptop died. I never saved or uploaded any of the pictures online for storage. I have procrastinating again. I have nothing to blame but myself. I know it only takes few minutes to upload pictures online using our high speed internet service but I never did it until I cannot power back on my computer. If I have an external back up hard drive, maybe I could have saved some of them but never got the chance to buy one. I am hoping I can still save the computer hard drive and recover those pictures one day.

If you compare the speed of uploading pictures from the dial-up internet service we had ten years ago, it may take days to upload a thousand photos. And, I do not think computers 10 years ago can hold that much pictures. Now with this new models and dsl service, you can do multiple tasks at one time with no delays at all. Uploading and downloading music and photos are at a high speed. It will only take few minutes and the job is done.

Although I have my pictures stored online, I still pick some for printing and have them in a photo album. Call me an old fashioned but I love making scrap books and designing photo albums.


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