Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Break and Visitors


It is almost vacation time for my daughter. Her last day of school is on Friday then she will have a week off for Spring break. My husband took some vacation days too to be with my daughter next week. I cannot take the whole week off but when our visitors from Las Vegas come, maybe I will take Tuesday off just to be able to spend a day with them. Our visitors are from Philippines but they are in Las Vegas to attend a seminar about commercial pest control. They told us over the phone that they even met a Las Vegas Exterminator who was very helpful in showing them the process of exterminating pests and bugs in houses. This is relevant to their business since they are contractors on homes and buildings in the Philippines. Hope we will not be talking more bug facts when we see one another next week.

We really do not know where we are going to bring our visitors during their stay. Atlantic City is out of the picture because they just came from Las Vegas and our AC is just a mini Vegas less the beach. Of course, we have to tour them around New York City but other than that, we have no clue. They have been here once so maybe they just want to hang out with friends over dinner or go to the outlets for shopping. It is all up to them. We will just go with the flow.


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