Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Triple Play Is Almost Over


I am talking about our internet, TV and phone subscription. I know I got a good deal when I signed up to them a year ago but when the contract is done, I will be hit again with regular pricing. For some reason, being tied up in contract really worked well on me this time. I know that the TV company has already raised their prices but the new pricing does not apply on my account yet because I am in contract with them for two years. But once this is done I will be switching to satellite TV and take advantage of the better deal they are offering to customers right now. Direct TV is offering a tv package for $39.99/month with the choice ultimate package plus free starz and showtime for three months with access to 61 hd channels plus free hd dvr receiver.

When I told my husband about my plan of switching to Satellite TV, he was excited about the hd channels they offer. If you want to know more about the different Direct TV packages, you can call 1800-378-9318. This is a limited time offer so make your call as soon as possible. Do not let the good deals slip away.


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