Thursday, April 21, 2011

Car Warranty


Today is the start of my daughter’s spring break and my husband’s week vacation. If my husband was not able to switch his vacation days from last week to this week, it could have been a big problem because the babysitter is on vacation. I gave him to wrong date for Isabella’s spring break and I only found out two weeks ago. It is not easy to re-schedule vacation days at hubby’s job but with a little scolding from the HR dept, he was able to change it.

Right now, they are having the van serviced. It is a free service being offered by the dealership under the 36,000 mile auto warranty. Once this vehicle warranty is up, I think we might get the extended auto warranty that they offer for another 36,000 miles. Paying for this is a lot cheaper than spending money for car repairs. From the dealership, they are coming here at my job to pick me up and have lunch together. I cannot take vacation days until Thursday, so for now it’s just the daughter and daddy bonding together when Mommy is at work.


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