Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reunion With Friends


Our phone was ringing out of control yesterday. Hubby did not ignore the calls but it seems that he cannot hear them. Those calls are from his friends in Australia who are all coming home to Philippines for a vacation. My husband lived in Australia for two years, so they are all trying if he can find last minute flights or last minute accommodation available online then join them for a quick reunion. It is hard to find cheap flights if your target date is too close. They have been trying to contact him via skype too but we were out of the house during their conference video.

I have not been to any reunions yet. Actually, most of my elementary classmates are going home to Philippines this June for a get together but because of my school I cannot make it. We have been communicating with one another through various social networking sites but I have not seen each other in decades. I did not graduate with them during my elementary years but most of them are my classmates since first grade to fourth grade then I transferred to another school. I will just wait for the pictures when they post online and I’ll just my mom to go as my representative. We will skip Philippines this year. See you next year!


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