Friday, November 12, 2010

My friend's book club


Guest post written by Katie Faw

When my friend told me that she was going to start a book club, I was so excited to join it! But then I heard that she was going to hold it on Wednesday nights and realized that I wouldn't be able to go. See, I teach a yoga class as a second job. I picked it up during college and kept doing it after I graduated to help pay off my student loans. But she's still sharing with me what they're reading, so I'm reading them at the same time and just not going to the meetings to discuss them.

I got my weekly email from her the other day to let me know a little summary about what they discussed at the meeting and the next book they're reading. After I saw that and looked up to see if the book was available at the library, I saw the site and I think that I'm going to switch over my service to it.

The one that they just finished up was by writer Christopher Moore. I had never read his stuff before, but I want to read more of his books.

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