Monday, November 15, 2010

Friday Lunch With Hubby


Last Friday, Hubby was off from work so he came to my job and we had lunch together. I only have a short break so we went to a deli close to my work. While we were ordering our food, we were surprised by the step daughter having lunch next to us. She got a new job very close to where i work and it was her first day. She told us she got a job in a medical office. She used to work at a fast food restaurant as an assistant manager but she got a good offer from this new one. Now we have to get used of her wearing scrubs clothing instead of her black and red uniform at the restaurant.

I told the step daughter that she better know where to buy cheap scrubs so that she does not have to spend much money on clothing. We know that she is trying to save money for her school plus she is still paying for her car. Hubby offered her some money but she declined. We hope that this new job will give her security and be a good start on her medical career.

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