Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our New Mailboxes


I was so happy when I got home this evening. As I was parking my car, I saw some men working at the ground floor of our building. You see, I live in a five-storey condominium building that do not have individual mailboxes yet. When the mail carrier comes, he gives all the mails to the door person who separates them according to the unit number. I have not been receiving a lot of my mails or it gets to other units by mistake. This problem made us write the owner of the building requesting for locking mailboxes for each unit. We do not care if it is like P.O. boxes at the ground floor as long as our mails are secured. Thankfully, the owner listened to our request so what happens now is that each floor is going to get their own lockable mailboxes per unit. If you have big parcels and packages that would not fit in your designated boxes, you will get a note from the receptionist informing you about your package.

The contractor who is installing the locking mailboxes is the one who installed in the building across our street. They did a pretty good job there according to my friend who lives in one of the condo units there so I hope he will do the same in our building. I cannot wait for the day the owner will hand our keys to our own locking mailbox.

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