Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mr. Corn Man


Every Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm , there is a flea market at the parking lot of the Giants stadium when there is no game scheduled for that day. We like going to this flea market especially hubby because he gets cheap tennis outfits from a guy who has a store there. They found something in common which is tennis. Hubby has bought a lot of tennis bags and jogging suits from him but recently we have not been seeing around. Maybe he does not like the cold season. I am saying that because if you are at the flea market, you are outside selling with no heat at all. You just have to bundle up enough to keep you warm. People at the flea market are there all year round.

One thing that we also like at the flea market is food. It became a habit that we have to stop by our favorite Mr. Corn Man. Once we get to the parking lot, we always check where the yellow flag is located so that we know which way to go to Mr. Corn Man. He sells delicious broiled corn on the cob.

Meet Mr. Corn Man ready to peel his corn. After peeling the corn, he will ask you if you want butter on it.

Now Mr Corn Man is brushing my corn with butter. You can have nothing, salt, pepper or cheese on it.

I bought 3 corn for $5.00. It is $2.00 each but if you buy 3, he will give them to you for $5.00. Tada! I can’t wait to eat them! Still hot!

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