Monday, November 15, 2010

Making A List


Yes, I already started making a list for my Christmas shopping. I wanted to start early and finish early. I have a bunch of god children and they are mostly in the Philippines. Actually, I already bought some boys clothing that I have sent in the box via sea freight to my country about two weeks ago. I bought those last Labor Day weekend when there was a big sale online. The box was filled fast with chocolates, candies and canned goods for Christmas. I hope they arrive before December 25th.

I prefer doing my shopping online. I cannot stand the parking and crowd at the mall during the holiday season. Periodically I get coupons in the mail and most of them can be used not only in the store but also online plus many stores have been offering free shipping so I do not bother going to the malls anymore. I am so thankful for the internet; making our lives so easier and convenient. This I cannot do though with my food shopping. I wish I could but it is difficult when it comes to food. I just have to go to the supermarket early or very late at night.

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