Monday, November 1, 2010

Hot Apple Cider! Yes Please!


Contribution by Kennith Griffin

Fall is my favorite time of year and I love to watch the leaves change, transforming my little town into a beautiful autumn haven. Each fall, I love to take walks with my family on the hiking trails, or around the lake, and watch the colors change. There is nothing compared to being warm and cozy with your family, perhaps a hot cider or cocoa in your hand, while taking in the simple pleasures in life. I make sure that no one else can enjoy the simple pleasures in my life, so every time I bundle up my little ones to take them out I make sure I set my home security alarm (packages HOME SECURITY SYSTEMS) so I can feel relaxed and secure while I'm out enjoying life for everything it has to offer! I know that while my kids roll around in the leaves, or we take a family photo in the picturesque setting, that there isn't anything else that I need to lay focus on. Hot apple cider never tasted so good and I have the pictures of my 8-year-old son to prove such!


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