Monday, November 29, 2010

Bags of holiday cheer


Guest post written by Ruby Hinson

I've never been all that great at wrapping up presents for people. No matter how much I try, I can never make the folding and the taping look neat, so most of the time I opt for using gift bags and alternative ways to wrap up gifts instead. Besides, I just think that there's something that seems a little more special about wrapping up gifts in bags, they just look like you spent a whole lot more time and thought into them.

But since I use so many bags, I make sure to reuse a lot of them and come up with ways to reuse other materials on them to freshen up, just to be thrifty and green. I like to look online to find new ways to wrap up gifts and a few nights ago when I was doing that I saw some stuff about clear tv bundle offers and decided to sign up for one of them.

But putting together a recycled gift bag isn't all that hard. I find that it looks pretty chic if you take a plain brown shopping bag and replace its paper handles with some sturdy ribbon and printed wrapping paper on the front.


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